a designer.

Is driven by care. Is building with people, not just for people. Is first-gen, queer, Vietnamese. 


design things. 

Can generate graphics that hurt your eyes (in the good way). Can produce pretty posters for music festivals. Can arrange words here and there to give blank space an extra flair.

Can form fun ways to keep companies looking new. Can create clothes in various patterns. Sometimes makes rugs. Sometimes.  Can even build brands from bottom to top.

An can do a lot of things.


Being chalant
Mario Tennis Advance - Power Tour

Generative art
Mobile game lore
Boil bags
Learning and unlearning
Vietnamese garments
Causing problems (in the good fun way)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon soundtrack
Good craftsmanship
Playing bingo
Bún bò Huế
Horror sci-fi 
Paraboot Michel Lis Noir
The final scene in La La Land 
Stargazing (the activity and the song)


talk in third-person in real life. Or know how to spell pharoh.


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